Advice for hsploit

Hey @HackerSploit I think there should be a search option available for user in Categories for easy searching of different categories, posts available in hsploit. I hope you will take this in consideration.

Hello, thank you for the suggestion. Yes that is a great idea. I will implement it as soon as possible.


hey @HackerSploit can you add a music bot here like one in the hsploit discord channel to play and connect ?

Hello, that is a thoughtful suggestion, however this is a forum to promote discourse. That is why we have both the forum and the discord.

okay. Np. Thanks for replying :grinning:

Search option definitely a nice idea please, at least now as there are so many topics now.
Thanks Alexis

I am pretty Sure I saw a search option Up at the top The Magnifier glass icon. @Schmoe

I’m so blind.
Reading too much text to notice. Haha

It happen’s to the best of us. @Schmoe