Best OS For Hacking & Penetration Testing

Most of you will answer like kali or parrot but I want a light weight os because I don’t have much money to buy more hardware resource and my computer’s RAM is 4gb and when I use it in virtual box it hangs a lot.

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There is a simple question

You can use any linux distro to hack

The long answer

There is nothing called a hacking OS.there is something called OS with pre-installed tools


@Anonym I want to say that which is the lightest linux disto. It’s not about tools it’s about linux os.

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4GB of RAM is sufficient for both the hacking OS. Both the operating systems will work fine. According to me it works fine in this much of ram but if you still have problem then you can go for dual-boot. If you can handle the pain of installing all the hacking tools like metasploit and armitage to name a few in any other distro then you can go for Ubuntu. Try installing those tools in Ubuntu system. Check the minimum system requirements here for both the OS:

For Kali linux system requirements and also for steps to install it in your pc follow this link:

Download Kali linux from here:

Same system requirements are for Parrot OS also.

Download Parrot OS from here:


Often abreviated as “Hacking Distribution”. It’s the same thing.

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@rishugkp688 However i recommend you to first try Ubuntu and then go for any other distros like Kali linux or Parrot OS. First try to understand how the Linux system works, how tools are installed and how do they work. It will be difficult to start away with Ubuntu at first but give it a try. You should go for it. Ubuntu is the first hacking distro for many hackers. Then they upgrade to other distros after better understanding of Linux and it’s working etc. First start with the basics and then go for advanced like the same way in hacking you first learn basic attack vectors and then you go for advanced attack vectors.

If you’re looking for a lightweight linux, you could have a look at Ubuntu Mate edition or Lubuntu. Both work fine on 2 gigs of RAM (Lubuntu even works on less than a gig if I recall correctly). With 4 gigs of RAM, you’re plenty for Kali or Parrot. But indeed, you shouldn’t run virtual machines on such a light machine.

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So lets organize htis a bit. Go here:
See what are the maximum requirements you can handle. Then use KaToolIn (more on that here: And you should be good to go. Major overhead is the GUI you are using (GNOME being the hungriest… but I do love GNOME). Also keep any widgets of the sorts to a minimum.

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Does Katoolin script really work? I mean it never worked for me while i was in my previous Linux.

I did try it for wifi testing on xubuntu and it worked for me…

It never worked for me in Ubuntu.

It is working correctly

Kali Linux light about 300MB and perfect for 4GBram and 0mb hdd

But doesn’t support many tools that are found in original version. It is for pc that have very less ram and storage. 4GB ram is sufficient for main version of kali linux.

I have increased my ram by 8 GB since then my machines vm no longer blocks


Parrot is great all around. But one thing Im having touble with is that I have a gaming laptop that it doesnt recognize my nvidia GPU for programs like Hashcat etc.
It’s driving me nuts have uploaded all the drivers fucked with the bios tried to load cuda.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Will this issue be fixed in future updates?

You should probably ask this question in Parrot security forum. They will be able to provide you with expert guidence and answers.

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rishugkp688 i could presume that you would have little or no knowledge of hacking Debian is mainly used there for its quick stable and easy to manage like the previous member stated Debian+Tools=Kali rishugkp688 if you could manage to buy a 32 gigabyte usb stick and your computer is capable of running from usb from boot i presume that would be a good choice and you can compile your own suite but saying i would read a lot first get familiar with the operating system the every ins and outs before anything and Ubuntu is a great start can install everything Kali can plus most other things but the most important part if you have to ask a question which linux distribution is the lightest and what file system to compile i made the assumption that you would not have much experience and that is everything Books Books Read listen bit by bit learn takes time=progress.

Check out Linux File Cheat sheet posted by Alexis that should be a great start of the linux file system.

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@Peter actually I wrote the wrong question. My main focus was on which os of linux requires less ram to work because when I work on kali it lags a lot but thanks for clearing some of my doubts it was not about tools or anything it was about to work more faster in any linux distro.


I do apologise for the late delay in replying to the post, But thank-you as wee are all here fo the learning experience as a forum wee hope to be able to achieve that i have a small disrubitution Called Linux Lite which i have never used before it should run on the specs you require as for security implementation and compiling of the operating system it should be as fun and as good as ubuntu which it is based of the Debian file structure isn’t Linux so fun and should be programable just as the same as ubuntu with a little tweak here and there.

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