Best OS For Hacking & Penetration Testing

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If you want a really lightweight OS, run Blackarch linux. Its very lightweight, but will require a good deal of manual configuration. (The Metasploit database doesn’t work without manual configuration) I’ve used Arch Linux with the BlackArch tool suite. BlackArch Linux, Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS, and Ubuntu before. I LOVE Arch Linux, but I’ve resorted to Parrot Security OS because of all the stuff I have to do to get the tools to work with BlackArch.

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hey,i’m not an expert but you can try manjaro [personal preference --‘kde edition’], and install blackarch on top of it, you can find instructions on blackarch’s website [ ( Check " Installing on top of ArchLinux" section )] , i’m quit happy with manjaro. give it a shot.

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Yep, Blackarch is pretty much the best option now, also serves really well as a daily driver.


I had problems with blackarch and the install. I have kali on one laptop and parrot on the other. Parrot is pretty to look at and very similar to kali, perhaps it is time to try to reinstall BA

you use the kali linux os as dual boot

I have seen Kali(kde version) and ParrotOS(kde version) run well on a 2.2ghz core duo and 4gb of ram if that helps you at all.

The only problem was that a few things would use 100% of the cpu(specifically cracking wpa handshakes) so any kind of multi tasking while running them was out of the question.

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Here you can find your answers :wink:

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Forgot to mention that Debian runs great on one of my older laptops.
Doesn’t seem to matter if it is Stretch or Buster they both run as good as the other.

Using that you could pick the tools you wanted/needed and not have all the bloat that something like Kali gives you.

Best way I found was to not install a desktop and boot to the terminal after you have figured out what the minimal package is for the one you prefer.
Just a warning Gnome runs terrible with a machine that only has 4gb of ram and shares system ram with the integrated video chip from my experience so whatever Distro you chose my advice would be not to use Gnome on an older pc.

Great question, it really depends on your needs, if you are looking for a daily use distro, Parrot is the way to go. Kali is more tailor made software that applies to a specific use case. I agree, Debian works really well on low end hardware. You could also use “The Pentesters Framework” to install the pentest and forensic tools you need on any distro you like. I usually use it on my VPS’s.


I also have a comprehensive video on the channel on how to use it.


That sounds pretty interesting I will have to check out that video and the tool later on today.
I have this thing about only having what I want/need on my system and so many packages and such give you things you will never use.


is it the lighter one? for core 2 due laptop with DDR2 ram?

Hey, my opinion is kali linux is best for you.I am running kali-linux-2019.3-i386 in 3GB RAM,and 2.6 GHzs processor with live USB PERSISTENCE.I prefer you to try it once and share your experience.Here is guide for you from KALI OFFICIAL

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