Hi all in Cyber. I am a CEH but very new to python, and trying to build tools on my own. I really need an assistance on how to build a tool that can convert my .py or .exe files into .doc or pdf. I am currntly having issues when doing Social Engineering with phishing. In other to send my payloads via emails.

I highly would appreciate any assistance. Thank you, brothers

Here an example. GitHub is a great place to explore code @lasie

Secondly, my background is in Networks. I tried making use of the tools. But I think I need an in dept understanding on how the tool works. Im using kali linux. If I create the file using msfvenom, it works. But if I convert the file into .vba, it does not run well on windows. Neither would it give me a meterpreter shell.

please give me a clearer guidance. I wouldnt mind if there is a reference video in regards to that.

Thanks in advance.

Hi MoNsTeR, I really much appreciate your response. I will quickly take a look at it now. Thank you.

hey there.
Check out TigerShark for phishing and sifter for network recon

Thanks a lot . Does anyone have Cobalt strike for me?

Or any tool that can help me create any office payload?

I dont think your gonna get cobalt strike without paying… But search github there are alot of tools and scripts made to create payloads, from there maybe look at how their made in order to create custom toolkits.

  • Please be careful when downloading exploit buildings from less than reputable sites, as they may create payloads for you but may also give a poster of said toolkit access to your system.
  • Refer to a post in the malware analysis section where some user tried to give away azorult 3.4.1 to anyone wanting that stealer but it was just infected to take over the machine of anyone who tried using it

Thank you very much for your advise. I have never seen any tool on github that can convert the any file .py or exe to doc . And Im very new to programming. So if you know of any and wouldn’t mind teaching me, I can comit. I just need to get that working so I can work. I do a lot of Red Teaming.
Thus, your assistance in getting that accomplished would be highly honored. Thank you brother.