Cryptography challenge with no writeups😭

I attended this ctf few days ago and it wasnt a big one i managed to solve many web and reverse challs but there was this one crypto chall which looks easy but i couldn’t solve it…
So i waited for the ctf to end and get a solution but guess whaat the chall owner ghosted me and there were no official writeups for this im completely traumatized😖
Do give ur suggestions on how to solve this:

Hello Mr/Mrs:

I was able to talk to their printer share administrator of the company in a pub. he was 6 feet tall 
with a long hair wearing a black hoodie which has a printed text of "ch3c00h sheizsjddcqpnodv". He told that
their services share password and username are in this service . As he seems nerdy he has given somesort
cryptographic text [5c86511993d156bb079996d6abbe5aa83698602d321e37c49324915074002ae7a1af7c2909f1d840ad47b
db3b8cacd419f6b3ba889c58725c1d14e93453ed473] and after several talks , I offered him 4 drinks
but he didn't leak any further info . So I was totally disappointed and left the pub . As you have more
computer knowledge than me , try to get the credential for the next service .

This was the prompt and i got tht it relates base 64 and vigenere (vinegar ch3c00h) cipher
do help!!!