How to hack social media except phising and bruteforce?

I tried mobile hacking but installing payload on somones mobile is a bit difficult task someone plz help me

Payload can be installed on someones mobile through social engineering if there no possible way of getting access to the persons phone physically. You can send the person a link through an email or social media sites and then convince the person to download and install the payload by clicking on the link. You can also attach the payload to a file such as PDF, deliver it to him and convince him through social engineering to install it. Setoolkit and Beef framework can be use in doing this.

Your question is bad i think. You have to start elsewhere. We are assuming there is no way for a newbie -or even a pro hahaha- to hack easily social media companies. So your target is the person. This discussion will end in social engineering from every angle you start. Also you can start by check the vuln/ties in your target’s machine. But 99% phishing is your solution.