How to Protect You and Your family against Sextortion and Blackmail

Every day, there is a new story or a news article about teen girls being tricked or blackmailed for obscene pictures or other such related topics. They are forced into sending compromising photos of themselves to criminals and malicious third parties. So you need to be careful and protect yourself from sextortion.

Latest Article of BBC News regarding sextortion botnet:

Sextortion botnet spreads 30,000 emails an hour

All popular news and legal authorities have stated that “Sextortion” – is on the rise.

When you ask people about this, you will get a puzzled look — especially parents who think that this can never happen to their children. The sad part is, on the contrary, this is happening more and more. Girls are blackmailed, and they are too scared to tell their parents about what is happening.

If you are underage and being blackmailed, then talk to your parents. Contact your local law enforcement immediately. Read this article it may help you. But first, talk to your parents.

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