Hydra for brute forcing

Hi. What should be the command in hydra if I dont want to give any username ??? My tenda router login page doesn’t have any space for username. It is set as admin by default and can’t be changed. I was trying to bruteforce my router with my own password list. I put my real password at the end of the list at number 25. But after trying 16 passwords hydra says it found password and obviously that is not my password. So I put the password at number 11 but same thing is happening. May be I should try without a username but I Don’t know the command. Please help me.

I believe if you leave use the -l with the quotations blank in between is what your looking for. Maybe post the string you are using.
hydra -l ''

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Thank you.
But still same issue hydra just give me the wrong password. Any idea how can I solve it

Dont waste your time…it is too old and no update. It doesnot work.

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Hydra works, the problem is people want to use it incorrectly and in unsuitable operations. It is a brute force tool for specific protocols, nothing more nothing less.


Give it a try.

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