picoCTF 2019 intimation

Hello friends! how’s it going everybody!. It’s been a long time that I’ve visited the forum lastly.
so, the picoCTF has begun recently. I’m playing the CTF by alone. Perhaps any of you guys are playing picoCTF alone like me those who’d been reading this. you can join with me. We can play it as a team because I’m completing the tasks without even a single teammate beside me .There is a lot of tasks rattling up right there to finish off. Most of the tasks are easy and some of them are little bit tricky and If any of you are looking for teammate and willing to play with a team mate means you are welcome to join with me!. That’s it folks just a tiny intimation.
for more details : https://picoctf.com


Team up with him people. Gain your CRED

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Can U give as your Team name or something??

Oh! btw team name is kenway.

and the password is?
or we need to bruteforce it :wink: