Problem installing netfilterqueue

Actually I figured it out, and for everyone whos had this problem with netfilterqueue, python seemed to come with version 0.6 of it installed which was out of date and then there was a split and 2 versions of netfilterqueue 0.8.1 were released, one of the versions set_payload was not implemented and missing, so I uninstalled netfilterqueue using:

pip remove NetfilterQueue

if you run that it downgrades you to 0.6 but wont remove it completely, then I went to
PyPI 9
NetfilterQueue 9

Python bindings for libnetfilter_queue

and used the method:

git clone [email protected]:kti/python-netfilterqueue.git
cd python-netfilterqueue
python install

to install the latest version of it and it fixed everything.
Hope that helps the rest of you out there having the same issue as well.

For python3 it is: ```
sudo apt install libnfnetlink-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev

pip3 install nfqp3

Yeah, busy building my own hacking machine :slight_smile: