Problems with Ngrok

IAM using ngrok to metasaploit
I have some questions about ngrok

  • How can I use it for armitage
    When ngrok start it give us Port to set it (ok it will work) but after close ngrok and open it again it will stop how can I solve this problem

@Ad_assal How do you close the process? You need to exit it using terminal and then open ngrok again for it to work properly. Or the other case would be that (it happens with many people) after closing ngrok and instantly you again open it would not work as the services running before were not closed so if you open ngrok again it will give you error due to service still closing in background. What you can do is that after shutting down ngrok wait for few minutes and then try again. Or if the problem contninues use different port.

My problem is when I close it and open it again it give me another Port my problem actually is when Port change my connection with my pyload always down

This problem seems interesting. I think @MoNsTeR @binary_rookie may help you here

You mean your port isn’t persistent right ?

I think the same about this matter.

I mean when you make payload it will work first but after close ngrok the port which ngrok represent it to you will be change so the connection will lost so my question is how we can make this port static

Everyone use the remote port option to solve this issue. I answered on Alexis’s Ngrok topic here is the link. How To Setup Port Forwarding For Msfvenom Android Payloads (WAN)

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You are right and I saw the video and it will work but after close ngrok and open it again it will give you another Port so the connection between your device and your payload will be down

If you continue having issues with Ngrok try SERVEO it is a similar service.

Thanks very much I really appreciate it