Regarding deleted videos of youtube

why have you deleted youtube videos .
i was learning from that videos, how can i get access of that videos?

Hello, YouTube has been cracking down on hacking content so we have had to make a majority of the videos private. We are working on an alternative.

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Sir are we able to access those private tutorial videos here in this platform or not?

We will start sharing the videos here when we have setup a working solution, expect and update within the next few days.

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That sounds amazing.

i thought videos are availabe at
something similar happend to that link also?

Our videos are available on LBRY, but we are working on a self hosted solution.

does it also official by Hackersploit?

Yes, this is our domain.

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Thank you for your hard work

Thank you for your support. We will publish the site officially when we have migrated all our videos.

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