Setoolkit send mail issues

Hey there
Maybe I will get a solution

I want to use set for mass mail attack

So I start set
Type 1 than 5
Than I choose single mail
After that from Gmail

But it doesn’t work. I tried it on myself with a GMX mail address.

I have enabled unsecured apps in gmail
And install sendmail
In the set_config i changed sendmail to =True

Still don’t get a mail with it.

What Iam doing wrong?
Please help!!!

Are the SMTP settings correct?

i dont know…
now i update and upgrade my framework with ptf framework
alexis do you have a chat option?
whatsapp, facebook or something else…
i need your help please really…

I find myself having similar issues.

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@Charon82 Se-toolkit has stopped support for this attack as far i know , it has not been working for some time now.