TP-LINK TL-WN722 Version 3.0

So first of all i want to say i made mistake, did not watch video first (WPA/WPA2 Hacking) before purchase of antenna otherwise i would know that version 1.0 si best and version 2.0 and 3.0 got disabled monitor mod. Anyway i do not think version 1.0 is still available on market. So my problem is I can’t enable monitor mod, so i can’t use Aircrack-ng. Anyone have solution for this problem?

PS hope that topic is posted in good category.

@TrustNoGoblin Download this TP_Link_Linux_Driver_7 Then go to This_Link_For_Install_Directions start on page 8. Hope this helps you.

Thanks, so stupid of me to not check first on official web site, I thought is made to not be used. Anyway i download driver and follow the manual, everything was fine until i came to part where i need to compile driver source, its say:

Use Terminal to go to the driver directory. Run the following commands to compile the
$ make clean
$ make
After compiling, you can see a name of the chip.ko file is stored in the directory of the

Can you give me some tips on this, where should I find driver directory?
Is it /lib/modules/my version/kernel/drivers ?

@TrustNoGoblin Yes your current kernel version. Click kernel version to see what b/r/o STRIVE posted on YouTube on how to find kernel version. Then finish directions and load driver. After that come back and tell me how it is working.
/lib/modules/[kernel version]/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/

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I have found driver, compiled it and load it but it does not work, I do not know where I am making mistake but at this point I have lost will to find out. In future if i realize what was problem I will post it here.
Thanks for help!