Where should i want to focus?

hi im new to this community. im excited to join and to learn some cool stuff.
totally i’m a beginner I don’t know where to start hacking or which part to…
so if someone could help me pls do reply…
thanks in advance…

One newbie book I can highly recommend is a book called Hunting Cyber Criminals - A Hackers Guide to online intelligence gathering tools and techniques - by a guy called Vinny Troia - a brilliant read for newbies to CyberSec. It’s current 2020 publication too and arguably contains useful material even for seasoned pros!!

It’s pdf version is available in Amazon for a few scheckels and its very comprehensive written in a very easy-to-read style.

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Start off by reading. Google OSINT (short for Open Source Intelligence) and read about reconnaissance, frameworks, tools etc.

When you’ve done that, decide what sort of hacking you want (really want) to do then do another sesh on this forum.