Which is the best way to maintain anonimity in Kali...?

Hello! I’m kinda new here, just wanted to ask which of the following is the best way for being anonymous…


  • Just VPN + TOR

  • or just TOR + PROXYCHAINS cuz VPN might see that we’re connected to TOR service.

and please give me reason why…
Sorry if my question is silly, I’m kinda new in this world of hacking :slight_smile:

There are a lot of opinions on this.
My advice would be to do a lot of research and make sure your ass is covered in some way before you do anything.

A vpn isn’t as anonymous as you would think it is so I wouldn’t make that the first hop ever or use any type of identifiable billing information.
They say “no logs” but that really isn’t the case.
They all keep at least billing information, and the time and date of what ip address connected to which one of their servers.

A lot of people would argue that I am wrong but that’s for another time I’m not going to get into the discussion and just advise that you look into that as much as you can and think about it before you decide on using one.

Hi @BuGz I hope your day is going well. A few company’s I have seen proven not to keep connection logs. Your right about billing info so use a prepaid card bought with cash or tumbled bitcoins. Here is a good article which after investigating I found to be true. https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/expressvpn-server-seized-in-turkey-verifyies-no-logs-claim/

@deadb3at This question does come up a lot. I keep saying I am going to do a write up on this subject of my perspective. I just gotta get to it.

@MoNsTeR My day isn’t too terrible.

All I was trying to get across is to be sure to do a lot of research before taking the leap into anything.

I must admit I have never used a vpn and have never seriously looked into so it is all just opinion and little sippets I have read here and there.

And yes I have seen the other threads @MoNsTer so it’s about time to do that writeup I am sure it would make for an interesting read.

I didn’t got any further information regarding your sub-domain takeover post @MoNsTeR

What about buying a VPN service with BTC and then changing your operator or the address for anonymity. I saw many hackers on Deep/Dark web doing so.

That’s the thing.
Every business keeps billing information for like forever.
And then theres the log that they all say they don’t keep thats says “x customer connected at x time of day” but they do.
I say this because there is a lot of problems that I don’t see how you would trouble shoot or debug without connection logs of some kind.

So the only way to use one would be to somehow anonymously buy the service.

Then if it was me I would connect through tor or a big chain of proxies(or both since speed is not the end game here) and then to the vpn.

Not trying to get into an argument about anything just saying how I would do it if I had decided to use one.

Persoanlly I don’t see the point since you actually can be just as hidden and encrypted without spending a dime.
And then there is the issue of your ISP that DOES have logs that you connected to the first hop at least what ever you do(yes it may be encrypted but there is a trail) and also DNS records if you don’t address it in the beginning.
I am not sure about DNS in regards to a vpn.
Do they have their own that you use or what?

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