Wifi adapter not recognized on kali-linux running on top of windows 10

Hello . I installed kali linux from windows app store and i tried to run wifite but it dose not recognize the wifi adapter , instead it says wifi 0 and dose not provide additional info like it dose on kali vm on virtualbox . Is this a driver problem ore it is a problem of kali running on top of windows ?

Run these commands tell me what you get.

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It appears that kalilinux from windows store doesn’t support USB input of any kind. Not even flash drives. No fix for the moment

May we recommend a virtualization solution? Even Hyper-V which is included with Windows 10 if you are not willing to install Virtual Box or VMWare Player. Also on a side nots: all solutions above are free and legal!

If you are running virtualbox, be sure to download the extension pack(it enables usb 3.0 and network adapters as far as I know).
You could also try to add a custom usb filter that uses the network adapter.
Edit : I misunderstood your problem. Running linux on top of windows 10 is limited. If you need to use the full potential of kali you will need virtualization.

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I have used Hyper-V professionally and I use VM-Ware at home (not the Player version… the Professional but with the black eyepatch extension if you get my drift…) VMWare Pro runs everything out of the box to be honest and gives out lovely options considering networking (live switch from NAT to Bridged and other cool things). As a general rule pick a platform and learn it as best you can. Best of luck and happy tinkering!