WLAN Adapter Alfa/Wifi Hack


i’ve got this one by amazon.
i searched a little bit on google and everybody was satisfied by this
so i bought it…

  • is it possible that this device dont work for example in germany or austria?
    i see on the package 802.11 b/g/n
    but where is ac …?

it was not expensive… so if i bought it wrong (4 days) anybody can have it for 20 bucks

i tried wifite2, airgeddon, evil twin…, nothing happend, no hack, nothing… i dont know -
they are always show on tutorials there own network :smiley:
but if you really want to hack a wifi for ex. from your neighbor… its puhhh…

i think, if you really want success contact a Russian hacker - they will send you a script, and you can hack it within 10 minutes (max)

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