A little something

SO here is me bragging! An easy quick and reliable build. Combining a cheap USB hub and an old unused PSU. I can connect up to 7 Small Board Computers or charge anything that uses a usb. Up to 2.5 Amps per Usb port which means you can keep your SBC’s well fed! Unfortunately no fast charge usb or usb type C. Anyone want to replicate it message me. More than happy to help!


This is a great Idea. Reduce reuse recycle. Very creative I would love to see more, As well as Could def use something like this As I’m always running out of USB ports. <<everything seems to be using them now, phones, headsets, webcams etc.


Well it doesnt support data transfers, only power supply but still instead of multiple phone chargers you have this one guy and it takes care of seven devices… also i forgot to mention i have connected a led strip when i want less lightining in the romom (its the only device that uses the 12V supply)