A quick topic on the latest advice for a tech savvy beginner

Good evening all,

I’ve had a little browse of a fraction of the site so far, mainly the forums and what people are chatting about. I’ve wanted to be some sort of cyber tech genius since I was a kid, it’s in my blood. However since then lifes thrown a lot at me and I’ve just ended up in the ocean of overwhelming technology just learning what I can, here and there, and more so over the last year.

I’m still struggling to put what I’m learning to use! Or stuck with an abundance of knowledge I’ve pointlessly learnt, or it seems that way as I just seem to confuse myself at the time.

I need to build myself a path, a solid path for me to stick to where I can build and practice my knowledge and new found skills along the way. ANY ADVICE AND HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED IN ADVANCE!!

Basically my mind is an open source book at moment. I greatly appreciate any and all knowledge brought forward, be it ethical or unethical, and any assistance I may need is appreciated in advance too.

Anyway, glad to have signed up. I’ve seen a lot of promise throughout the site already!

Looking forward to becoming a big part of the community!


I don’t know what the general perception of cyber security training sites are but I’ve been learning new stuff by clearing rooms (doing courses) at the site TryHackMe.com. I really recommend that site. There are other sites like it also should you want another, like HackTheBox.com and so on but I’ve focused on THM.

There you can set a path which leads you from basic to intermediate to advanced things working with everything from basic cyber security terms to exploits and gathering information up to full scale attacks where you utilize what you’ve learned.

Also I find that reading what others write, see tutorials on YouTube and be generally curious and dare to try things has helped a lot.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I would like to add few points - In addition to this you need skills to be successful in cybersecurity field like technical knowledge, logical thinking and troubleshooting, verbal and written communication, ability to learn new technologies, and ability to work independently.

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