AAP Finder - MultiThreaded Advanced Admin Panel Finder, with 700+ Potential Admin panel Dictionary

Hello friends,

I wrote a simple but powerful admin panel finder tool which has lots of features,


  • Have more than 700+ Potential Admin Panels

  • MultiThreaded

  • Able to BruteForce Subdomain LoginPages i.e login.target.com, admin.target.com, etc

  • Large Dictionary

  • Supports Both HTTP & HTTPS

  • BruteForce Multiple Domains at a time

  • Stops Scan when Valid LoginPage is found

  • Supports PHP, ASP and HTML extensions

  • Checks for robots.txt

  • Supports Custom Dictionary

  • Targets can be passed to this tool via File

  • Able to detect EAR (Execute After Redirect) Vulnerability

  • Saves the Scan with a Neat & Clean UI in a file

  • Supports multiple OS i.e Linux, Mac, windows

Know more about this tool from here:

Upcoming features:

  • Self Update [ Coming Soon ]
  • Scan Via Tor & Proxy [ Coming Soon ]
  • Random-Proxy [ Coming Soon ]
  • Random-UserAgent [ Coming Soon ]
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Description : Adding Custom Potential Admin Panels Via File

Command Example : python3 aapfinder.py -u https://target.com –custom my_dict.txt -t php

Description : Adding Multiple Targets Via File

Command Example : python3 aapfinder.py –targets my_targets.txt -t php

Description : Saving Result In a File

Command Example : python3 aapfinder.py -u https://target.com –output result.txt -t php

Description : Saved Result

Description : Able to Find Subdomain Login Panels

Help manual and tools front view

Tools Overview

Front View Sample Feature
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Nice project mate! :heart_eyes: :wink:

Very well put together. Thanks for sharing. Are you taking requests or idea’s on it?

Thanks @R4gn4r & @MoNsTeR

i have coded this project just for fun, as a way for doing time pass :sweat_smile:.

I have lots of ideas but as i am unable to manage time, that is why, i am unable to complete those projects.

One project that came in my mind is that, to code a web application vulnerability scanner