About choosing a university

Hello $Hackersploit Members. Firstly, I’m opening this post because I really need to exchange ideas. i want to specialize in cybersecurity and become a penetration tester. I have 2 options. I’ll leave your lessons at the bottom, and I’d appreciate it if you could review it and give me your opinion.

Information Security: Here is study plan ; Information Security - FIT CTU

Information Systems and Cyber Security study plan ; Information Systems and Cyber Security

Thanks in advance (I don’t know if it’s forbidden to share links, but I don’t have any advertising purposes. The links are the sites of the university)

These are my thoughts on this:
I should go for Information Security - FIT CTU, because it’s all about the first impression.
Their website looks much cleaner and is more informative.
The second one, Information Systems and Cyber Security. seems a little chaotic and overwhelming.