About reverse engineering

Hi, I see that in Kali there are programs in the Reverse Engineering section. What is it, what does these programs do exactly. Do they de-compile programs, is it even possible to de-compile. Are there videos about reverse engineering on the hackersploit channel on YouTube.

Thank you.

Software/Programs made for apk decompilation is capable to decompile apk to source codes such as apktool

But rest tools just convert executable to assembly language such as Olly debugger (ollydbg), etc

It is not possible to extract exact same source codes after decompilation

At most extent, you can get source codes of apk file but not exe

Exe can be analysed and modified when you convert it to assembly language

If you have basic understanding of how software works internally

And if you know basics of assembly language
Then you are good to go,

Just learn how to execute program line by line, how to break a process and then give some time on research and learning through blogs
And YouTube