ADB Target Disconnected?

Script Kiddie here

When using Shodan and the ADB exploit I found a vulnerable device on the internet ( I know I shouldn’t use someone’s else’s device without their permission but I just couldn’t resist to not use this and test it out ) and I found an IP that was vulnerable.
I did a Nmap scan of it but nothing came out ( I was hoping for an android device ) but after I took a screenshot, I noticed that the resolution is 1920 x 1080, which means that this is a PC.
When I started recording the screen, nothing came out, it just said that the device is no longer available?

What could this mean, did recording a screen alert the target and they turned off the PC?

Btw I don’t have malicious intent, I am just learning and wanted to test out the features without harming the target.

Also, how could I practice ADB exploiting on my own devices?

@d0xy Although I do appreciate your honesty, what you are doing is not a good idea. I recommend setting up your own environment and practicing. Not a good idea to hack targets you know nothing about without permission. Many honeypots are staged on the net that will flag you. Be smarter be safe.

Thank you I will be more smarter, I was using a VPN and had a Proxy Chain running and I checked for DNS leaks, everything looked secure, how do they flag you?

Sounds like you were safe. Just curiousity and hacking in the wild can be apealing , I do understand that. All it takes is one mistake to cause you years of punishment.

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