Android exploitation

After explotation, One of the way to keep control over victim is to retrieve his/her Google/cloud password.
We might have to write code to retrieve password and to synchronise everything photo/video/audio/data to Google/cloud account.
We can also change the settings of victim email, and can get the copy of email he/she received.
The only difficult thing I think is, how to write code to get password and
** How to write code to synchronise everything like photo/video/audio/data to Google/cloud account.**
After that we have full control over android after explotation by Kali Linux+metasploit+payload+RAT+social engineering+reverse engineering.

I am very new to eH, so ignore my stupidity.

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Look . I am damn sure that you can’t get the password credentials until they are saved to the browser in the form of cookies . If the victim have saved those cookies then it is possible to retrieve the credentials . Else you can capture the session and then make use of the session to log in you device .