Anominity concern

While lodging an attack or doing pentest what the best way to stay anonymous apart using proxy chains?


When using TOR, the browser also gives a few pointers on how to avoid being identified. Apparently fingerprinting is also being attempted based upon hardware profile. A few things you can also do:

  • Don’t work in full-screen (especially not if you have an atypical screen resolution)
  • Randomize your user agent in the browser

Don’t use your stock passwords or logins.

Oh, and as is explained above:

  • TOR through a VPN or a VPN through TOR (or a VPN through a VPN)
  • Don’t go for a cheap-ass VPN. They don’t have much incentive to protect your data/privacy.

These were just a few random thoughts.

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Excellent summary, additionally you may want to setup your own VPN on a VPS.

How do i set-up a VPS in Linux? Can you make a video on this? @HackerSploit