Arduino Attiny85 Usb The Poor Man's Rubber Duckie

Hi everyone. I was on hak5 awhile back and saw a usb rubber duckie. The USB rubber ducky tells your computer it’s a keyboard, which allows it to deliver a payload to whatever computer you plug it into. Cool right? So I became interested and did some research into it. The darn thing cost 45.00 USD. I hate paying for things. Especially a usb stick for 45 PFFT. I did some more research on how to build one on my own. I came across the DigiSpark Attiny85. I ended up spending 12.00 USD and made 5 usb’s that do what the rubber duckie does. Now it wasnt as easy as everyone made it sound. But once I figured it out it was a breeze. If 10 user’s on here want me to make a detailed tutorial on how I exactly did it like this post and I will do it for you guy’s.


We would love to have a tutorial of the sort on the forum!

I would like to see this

Thanks @binary_rookie @Hubert . It is one of the physical parts of a pentest. You can physically walk around an corporation that you are testing and stick them in the usb slot or socially engineer by leaving some on the ground out front of the company or in the bathroom set by peoples computers and they put it in themselves. People are curious by nature. They want to see whats on the usb. I hack because I am curious.
We are closer 8 more and its going down. :sunglasses:


A vid on this topc would be awesome. Bring it on …please.

@Psickophant 6 reply’s or likes and I’ll do it. Someone did a drive by like. I am glad you guys are showing interest. Thanks Psickophant.


Maybe you can start selling HackerSploit branded USB pen test drives?