Arduino (USB rubber ducky)

Today I brought Arduino pro micro to install some scripts in it for the reverse connection to all kind of os (cross platform). but, unfortunately my system device manager is not showing the COM port of the Arduino hardware .I’m just trying very hard to make this work. I think probably I bought the cheap chinese product … Eventhough it’s a Chinese product there must be some way to get this work. I’ve installed Arduino IDE from Arduino official site .then when I plugged my pro micro into port via USB it doesn’t even gives any indication but the red light of the microcontroller is blinking another two led green&yellow is idle.those of you guys who don’t know anything about Arduino . The Arduino pro micro ATMEGA32U4 5V/16MHZ is a kind of microcontroller which is oriented to the Arduino Leonard’s family.this board can be used as the HID (human interface device)which means it can inject and extract the keystrokes and it will disguse like a real user of the system so we can upload the payloads in Arduino to get the system down or we can do whatever we want .I just bought it today because it can perform precisely like USB rubber ducky .I don’t have adequate money to buy the USB rubber ducky so I brought the pro micro and facing some sort of problem. I’m just wondering some of you guys can help me to figure this out! :slight_smile:

@J4ck5p4rr0w have you installed the driver for it. I find on the generic versions from china you need to install the driver. In some cases you need to flash the boot loader as well.

Hey Dude! First of all, I Love the ol’ classic Rubber Ducky hack!
I was trying to upload some code to an esp8266 wifi module yesterday (Literally), and I couldn’t do shit!
And then I found out about the Arduino Extensions in VSCode… I installed the extension and then the extension found for me everything I needed (drivers baud rates and what not). I am not sure if this helps you but… Give it a shot you never know! :slight_smile:

Link => Arduino Programming with VsCode

You can make a USB rubber ducky in 5$ by yourself. You can check out on internet for more.