Best laptop for pen-testing

Which is the best laptop for pen testing and programming? MacBook pro or Windows gaming laptop (I’ll use vbox for learning) ? I don’t care about budget I can buy any laptop but then also give good suggestion.
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I really mean it when i say that Vbox is a nighmare for hacking

If you are going to buy a laptop for hacking you should specify the objective

Illegal hacking:Try to buy a cheap hardware,i think 2gb ram and 200gb HDD and and an antenna for wireless hacking is good (Unless you are going to do huge tasks like bruteforcing ) and you might need to destroy it if you do funny stuff

Legal hacking:Try to buy a medium laptop with 4gb ram and 500gb HDD with a TP-link wireless card,that will be enough

Now this is only for beginners like you,once in a pro level you will need a fireas* computer

I need laptop for learning programming and hacking. I am at medium level. Should I buy high end or …

And what you mean by funny stuff?
And do we need to destroy our laptop after every illegal hacking?

Well, I think it really depends. If you need to develop for other environments and you have to set up virtual machines, you should go high end. If you’re only into web development, and you have your environment outside of your computer (Azure, Amazon S3, hosting, etc…), you really don’t need much beef.

What are the tools you’re using? What are their specs?

I originally bought an ASUS Q304UA notebook that had 8GB of ram and an intel i5 chip. While this laptop worked good for what I needed at the time, I ended up looking around for more power. I ended up getting an Acer Predator Helios 500. This beast has the top intel i7 chip, 16GB of ram(upgradable to 64), an nvidia gtx 1080 with 8GB of ram, as well as other bells and whistles. I realize that this is made for gaming but it has given me the ability to run up to 4 VMs simultaneously, multiple word programs, websites, etc. And it still doesnt skip a beat. Also with the nvidia card it allows me run hashcat since it has a separate GPU. Some gaming laptops have the hardware and upgradability to as powerful as we need them.

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Gaming laptops can also be used in a very good manner for powerful hacking.


Not macbooks they are full of security issues.

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Could you elaborate on the macbooks secuirty issues item?

Actually if you are going to dedicate the machine for strictly pen testing, you don’t need very high specs but if you can get the high specs, that even better, Personally i use a lenovo T440s 8gb RAM and 500 GB hard disk, am running black arch along side Kali linux and i have never encountered any problems maybe what i would suggest is a great wireless card if you plan on doing any wireless exploitation,

And maybe a mac can be fine but as @gh057 said, They have a lot of security crappy issues but if its what you have you can also run the linux in a virtual machine but I wouldn’t suggest using a Mac

First thing you need to do is forget about windows and anything made by apple.
But there will come a time where you need to understand how windows and macOS works i imagine.
Much easier to find all the tools you are going to need for Linux.

Now there are three persons saying how unsafe MacOS is. Could you please be more specific on what’s so unsafe about it? What are the security issues that an up to date machine has?

I agree that it’s closed source and thus you need to rely on the vendor to deliver code without backdoors (but let’s be honest… who here has read the source of the Kali Linux kernel?)