Best wireless adaptor for ethical hacking?

I am thinking to buy a good wireless adaptor, the list of aimed features are as follows:

  1. Supports monitor mode & packet injection
  2. Long range
  3. Dual band
  4. Portable
  5. Supports Linux OS like Kali, parrot, wifislax

Need suggestions, please only suggest that wireless adaptor that you used personally.

Also note, I am not a son of Bill Gates, and also as I am a teen, I need a affordable adaptor.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I recommend leoxsys for such case.


Good one :slight_smile: but only problem is that it is not dual band :frowning:

But will manage, as unable to find good deal under 1000

Finded best adaptor i.e panda pau06 but it’s quite costly

Anyway thanks for suggestion

One question, have u tested it your self, and is it working fine with parrotsec

It worked fine but on Kali Linux. Parrotsec is a rolling distribution which is why it has stability issues and is very buggy. Can’t tell about Parrotsec but works fine with Kali Linux. Also if able to then contact the seller and ask for compatibility with other devices.

According to seller it should work on any Linux and as u said, works fine in Kali Linux.

Finally Ordered the adaptor, os is not a big issue for me

But it would be great if it works on all my favourite Linux OS like elementary, parrotsec and Kali.

Hope I would not regret after buying it

For now thanks again :slight_smile:

glad to help you buddy :+1: