Bit_Coin Mining

Hello! I wanted to mine some bitcoins. But my PC shows bitcoin mining software as a malware. I want it to run in background and automatically start it on reboot. But it didn’t work. Is there a way that i can run .exe file silently in background and make undetectable by antivirus. I want it to run like a silent batch file.

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I've good news for you, YES it's totally possible (indeed that's how most of mining malware work)

The process is simple:

1.- If you antivirus sees it as a virus you have to simply add a folder (it gives less errors) or a .exe if it is a single one into the white list
Here you have the steps for the two more common AV

2.- To start it in the background you have to enter it in the start up folder if it is an .exe or you could edit the regedit to got it running in the startup (I would use the last one if I where you).

3.- Last step if your program hasn’t a background option (This option has occurred to me right now is a bit shitty I don’t know if there are betters I personally would do it like this), you have to program a exe that runs at startup too that finds the window of the program by name and that it makes it disapear from the bar under as if it was nothing.

This is how I would make it myself if you have any question about it feel free to DM me.