Browsing Deep Web Using TOR

Sorry for this newbie question:

Is it Safe to assume just by using TOR browser in browsing deep web can protect anyone from malwares when a page loads itself on the TOR browser?

Considering the fact that the user “only” wants to download and read some reading materials and not going to purchase, transact anything.

I’m aware there are sliders on TOR’s security level setting like the Javascript got disabled etc. but i wanted to be sure IF that’s safe or not. like for example using TOR browser on a normal Windows 10 machine with placed up to date definition of antivirus or a Ubuntu Linux machine.

Downloading anything on the dark web or off the dark web both can lead to your system being compromised. PDF’s can be backdoored easily. In some instances you do not even have to open the file. It can execute an buffer overflow your file manager or viewer.

No. Using TOR browser does not make you safe from malicious codes and files. TOR is not a anti-virus it’s an online anonymity tool which just hides your identity. To be safe from malicious content online you need to follow basic set of practices from a hackers point in order to remain safe. You can google up that stuff it’s easily available out there.

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