Btech in cyber security or artificial intelligence?

Should I do BTECH in Cyber security and digital forensic or Artificial intelligence and machine learning or normal computer science. I love computers and I have good amount of knowledge in every computer field . So, what Course should I choose and does Cyber security is future proof? Is is valuable to do BTECH in Cyber security and digital forensic?

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Sounds good if you would like good info on digital forensics let me know.

It totally depends upon you whether you want to choose cyber security or artificial intelligence. In my opinion both are good I will tell you why, next is up to you. Firstly artificial intelligence this field is going to be very helpful in future because now people are wanting to make their task more easier and in future nearly all of things will be dependent on technology. So A.I. will be needed and you can make a good career in it.
Secondly comes cyber security now as their is rapid growth in technology systems are becoming more vulnerable and for it every company which is on internet needs a cyber security expert and this is also a good field at last I will say both fields are better it depends upon you where you want to go but I think cyber security will help you more because what if A.I’s are also vulnerable.

What about information security??

See information security is all about dealing with data it may be electronic or physical. In information security people are made to look for information stored. To explain this I want to suggest a movie " The return of abhimanyu " this movie is in Hindi you can watch dubbed. In this movie you will get to know the value of information. See all I am trying to say is in today’s world you can do anything with information. So working in field of information security is also a good option. Now a days if you work in any I.T. field you can make a good carrier because in 21st century it is all about technology.


Very educative thanks bro

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I know Hindi Bhai! thanks for the information. I will watch it.

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@rishugkp688 answered many points in the question so i wouln’t tell the samething again but if you want to go behind money then go for AI and machine learning as that’s the future. Remeber hackers can also hach AI and make them run on their own codes. Just follow your passion. If you are passioned enough then go for other options left. It all depends upon you. You have to make benefit for yourself.


Computers and networks aren’t ever going away so I would say yes.

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