Bypass av with python

hi everyone i’m sorry if my inglish is a little bad.

i want to ask if someone know techniques to bypass av detection. i don’t interested on use of tools, my interest is most focused in creation of virus by manual way.

I am sorry, I did not get it well, but if you mean to have payload undetectable then you can use nxcrypt (Python Script) to bypass AV.
If so then this will help you


The best technique to bypass AV detection is by creating a piece of code by yourself and trying it with your victim to test its success. In other words you need to create a virus, malware or something like that by yourself that isn’t been in the world before so that you could bypass AV. We know that AV works by connectiong to its company server and updating itself to get a fresh list of viruses, malwares etc that are being exploited in the wild to protect the user from them. If the malware isn’t created by anyone before then the company will not be aware of it and you can successfully exploit a system. Hope it helps you.

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AV doesn’t actually scans a file it scans it signature which is stored in it’s database so what you have to do is you will have to create malware with a new and unique signature and if you know programming this would be easy for you then you can test it is a virtual box or something like that.

I read an article sometime similar sometime before . It’s about creating undetectable payload by one command of Python.
Here the links to article :

Hope it’s helps
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They also scan for code that may look malicous.
The malware/virus doesn’t actually have to be in the database for the scanner to trip and warn you.

If u want to bypass av then code your own python payload
Then bind with phantom evasion + nxcrypt this will bypass av
98% surely

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Just creating your own virus or payload will not help you much you should make something unique that has not been seen before if you want to make it try to think differently.

Just because it hasn’t been seen before does NOT mean it won’t trip off the scanner.

Yes you are right but if you make it with a unique algorithm that may help you but remember one thing that if you create a virus today it will be listed in av database tomorrow.

Unique algorithim or not if the scanner thinks it is …
Nevermind I’ve said this at least 2 times already and you refuse to accept the fact.

@NuBz Can we try to embed the malicious source code into another code so that if av scans it wouldn’t be caught?

@NuBz I think you are right about it because when I read about it again I got to know that you are right

Sorry if I sounded a little mean I was in a cranky mood when I posted that.

Anyway my point is you have to make it look like it’s not doing something malicous.

Somehow I’m not sure how to do that viruses aren’t my thing.
I never saw the point in ruining a machine when you could have more fun when no one knows you were there.

Not that I would do anything illegal it’s just my point of view.

I think if you want to make a virus which can bypass av what you can do is make a virus and test it in every av and then find which av your target is using and send it

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