Bypassing android permissions

Hey guys i was wondering if there is any way i could hack an android nowadays without ticking the download from unknown sources or give all the permissions needed to access the device?
do you know any new tools i can use or any exploits that could help me (btw i am testing on my android)
thank you in advance

You mean privilege escalation? You can check it out here as shared by fellow buddy: Priviledge esclation in android?

Using dirty cow is basically impossible these days, i think it’s detectable by phone + you will need social engineering on a next level prob
Maybe i am wrong but what do you think?
Do you know any new ways something used recently that can help??
Thank you appreciated

Maybe you can use “adb” for this.

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Yeah but using adb requires physical access to the device and that’s something hard unless there is another way that i have not heard of
What i was thinking off is some kind of script or something like that, some next level thing that the user downloads and grants you access
I have heard of a malware that bypasses all restrictions on android so this is why i think till now that it’s possible but it exceeds my level so hopefully someine here knows some more information that can help me out with my research .

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The only thing I can think of is something like stagefright would do what you want.
Stagefright relies on and older version of android though so it wouldn’t be reliable.
Yet the concept is like what you are talking about.

All stagefright needed was a link given to the target for them to visit or a malicous mms message that could be deleted before they even knew they got it if you did it at the time of day you knew they where sleeping etc…

Unless you have a exploit of some sort to get the initial foothold on the device remotley, Then SE is your best option tbh. If you can get the application signed and put in the APP store it wont ask for the allow from unknown source to be selected

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If you know about that malware then use it and infect your victim lol :smile:

wow that’s nice but it’s old tho i will check it out thank youu

is there a difference between signing the application manually or auto? i will try

i have read about the malware on technews or something like that, the nsa cia and authorities were working to shut it down and i think they did by now, but i only know about the idea not about the malware itself