Can we collect data from sms?

Someone help me. I think this is not a hacking related question but i need help from you guys.

How to collect data from sms and store it to a database(mysql)?

Message can be sent from non-smartphone.

Is it possible to collect data means then suggest me😊

Also tell me is there any free trail version for that

Hi @Vigneshpvk , Can you tell me a scenario? What type of data are you looking to collect?

I don’t understand. Do you mean something like in this article:

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No bro, it is totally different from hacking.

I working under a project . I want collect a data like name,age,contact number etc from people who don’t have a smartphone. Also i want to automatically update these data to mysql (phpmyadmin) databse.

@cavaN @MoNsTeR

Oh so you would be looking for a feature that automatically distinguishes between a message sent from non smartphone and a message sent from smartphone right? then only you will be able to collect data on people who have smartphone and who don’t storing that data into a database comes after on if i understood it correctly.