Can we hack using Arduino?

If yes tell me how to do hacking through arduino

I recommend hacking on Raspberry Pi

The downside is that the hardware is really bad and you need an SD card as the storage

I currently use an Arduino Uno to do HID (Human Interface Device) attacks. The theory and application is similar to the USBRubberducky from Hak5. The Duckduino proiject is a good reference. Use ducky script to customize scripts.

Can you tell full procedure to that attack using arduino @Psickophant

The topic is addressed on github. First step is to configure your Arduino (uno, teensy, or digispark) to a BadUSB HID device. First install the ArduinoIDE app. on your linux box.Then follow github pwnduino directions (above link). Once the device is configured and the IDE is installed the only step left is to add the attack code by converting Arduino Sketch code to ducky scritpt using the duckduino conversion website. If you would like I may do a short tutorial to demonstrate the technique. I would be happy to do this if it would benefit you and the community.


You can hack using a toothpick. Meaning to say that you can use it if it fits your application.

The strong suite of Arduino is that it is a very low energy device that has a specific pattern with an initialisation cycle (things it does once when being powered on) and a continuous cycle (things it keeps repeating until it’s powered off). The most famous ones are indeed the USB HID devices that are made with them. But there’s more. It also has hardware level input and output pins, allowing you to interact with electronics boards for example. It also comes with a big ecosystem of “shields” (boards that you stack on top of the Arduino, allowing for all kinds of added functionality) that can offer ethernet, SD-storage, radio-transmission, robot control, etc…

So yes, you can hack with them. Just don’t expect to find a lot of script-kiddie applications (except maybe for the BadUSB Rubber Ducky clone). You can feast of a huge community of enthusiasts though, who will gladly take you on a journey. :slight_smile: