Can't use VNC to access VM

Hello All!

I am currently running version 5.3 of Parrot on my VirtualBox as a VM. However, when I try installing and using the VNC client, I cannot connect to my machine. I am using an SSH Client called MobaXTerm to use their VNC session tool. (Attached below is how the UI looks)

I download the TigerVNC standalone server on my VM using the command:

apt install tigervnc-standalone-server

Upon installing, I start the vncserver (the “:2” references the port number being used, in this case it will be 5902) on my VM using the command:

vncserver :2

I use the command

netstat -tuln | grep 5902

And I receive an output of:

tcp     0     0*     LISTEN
tcp6    0     0   ::1:5902                 :::*     LISTEN

I installed ufw and allowed ports “5902 and 22 to ALLOW from ANYWHERE”

My main question is, what is preventing me from accessing the Parrot VM from my MobaXTerm SSH Client? What other configurations need to be installed or modified for me to gain access ? Is it even possible?

Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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