Cell Phone Trace / Tracking

Apart from “please hack my girlfriends / boyfriends cell phone” I thing the second most WANTED feature is to be able to locate a cell phone by the cell number without having to send some kind of payload to the target.

Now I understand that there is legal and security implications regarding this, and in the wrong hands can cause huge problems. But what I also know is that it can be used for good. And that is the part I am interested.

I am sure the technology to track a phone is available - Please point me in a direction where I can investigate the potential options


@RiaanN if you have your own satellite or you own mini cell tower(forged or “LEGAL”) under whose range does your victim falls then yes , theoretically it is possible . i SAY theoretically because it will take a lot of hard work to do so , also to Launch such attacks without the permission of the victim or target and the network service provider is strictly illegal in most countries . :innocent:

Well , this question seems to be a bit complicated to answer . As @lolt3under said that it is possible if you have your own sattilite. But still it makes no sense cauz the government don’t want it’s citizens to keep a track on people . And it doesn’t mean that the government hates to keep an eye on its fellow citizens , it hates just because if someone is able to keep a track on its citizens then it is also possible for that someone to keep a track on the government … right . So this is the reason why it is impossible to get such a mobile tracking tool to be available to the public . The government don’t allow any company which offers such mobile tracking services .
And now don’t get disappointed . We still have a way to track a mobile . And this service is provided by the Google . Yes , it’s none other but google .
You can simply hack ( No we can’t say hack ) you can simply compromise the victims google account and use the find my device feature . This can definitely help you . Now don’t ask how to compromise the Google account because it just depends on your social engineering skills . And I am sorry to say this but there are no other existing tools or tricks available to the public . As a hacker we must use each and every existing feature to fulfill our needs .


I’m not too knowledgeable in phone hacking and gps, but maybe I can suggest a possible work around. So here goes!
The only real legitimate reason I can think of for tracking somebody is if you are tasked with penetration testing a large company with several different buildings and branches. If the scope allows it, you can sometimes bypass all security measures for that building by simply breaking into a less secure facility that runs on the same internal WAN. Here you may need to find these other facilities. One way to do that is by planting a GPS device onto a company owned truck or vehicle and wait for it to potentially visit another one of these facilities. This way you do not even need the number of a person you want to track, just attach a tracking device to their vehicle. Hope this helped, and remember to always double check with your local laws and also that this sort of action is covered in the scope of your test.

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