Checkers / Bruters of all kinds

Dear Community my Name is DarkneS’s and i am a Software Developer

it’s been 15 years in this field already and i make all kinds of tools ( checkers, brutes, parsers , leechers , exploits builders …)

i offer you my services with very good prices and fast delivery

Services :

  • Making custom tools of any type you want.

  • Making hacking tools

  • Making Checkers / bruters

  • Credit card Checkers

  • Creating websites ( back-end + Front-End ) customizable as the client requests

  • Setting up websites on cpanels

to check some of my works please visit my youtube channel :

to contact me you can pm here :

Email : [email protected]

Discord : DarkneSs#7193

Discord Channel : Darkito

you are welcome anytime to request your tools


thanks to the admin <3