Choosing anonymous email service provider for darkweb

Which anonymous email service should i use to register on a darkweb website? Does temp mail works here?

Not sure but I don’t ever feel comfortable registering on a tor site.

Check if tempmail work another wise i recomend secmail Tor2mail or protonmail their are many more anonymous mail services

2 Likes Is another.

Try This One:laughing:

The absolute best way in my opinion is to install and host your own. Magma is a great option if you choose that path.

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I thought you were the smart one around here.
Yet you’re telling someone to link their home ip to an email that they use for (I think the word in the title was anonymous) darkweb sites.

@NuBz Tell me where I said host it from your home IP address? No place does it say set this up in your home and host off your home ISP.

Could be kind of taken that way LoL.

Either way you’re going to leave a trail somewhere.

Hosting your own email server is just not a good idea to me after reading a lot about it not too long ago.