Clearing system logs in Kali Linux

How can i clear all the system logs in Kali Linux?

go to cd /var/log
then ls
then u will find many systems files like auth.log boot.log bootstrap.log user.log and many more chose which deta log u wanna delete and type following command shred -vfzu auth.log
shred -vfzu auth.log
shred: auth.log: pass 1/4 (random)…
shred: auth.log: pass 2/4 (random)…
shred: auth.log: pass 3/4 (random)…
shred: auth.log: pass 4/4 (000000)…
shred: auth.log: removing
shred: auth.log: renamed to 00000000
shred: 00000000: renamed to 0000000
shred: 0000000: renamed to 000000
shred: 000000: renamed to 00000
shred: 00000: renamed to 0000
shred: 0000: renamed to 000
shred: 000: renamed to 00
shred: 00: renamed to 0
shred: auth.log: removed
it will show u like this and congo u sucessfully remove auth.log file and it is non recoverable thanks …hope this will help u

Same procedure can also be used in Parrotsec too right?