Cloudfare IP in Recent activity section

I went to the recent activity page and it’s a cloudfare ip that show up.
when in an other site I check the same thing in gmail do get the right address.
Does it mean that my IP is hidden from the logs, when a website use cloudfare?


@notsgnik I think I understand what you are saying. What site is it? Are you using a proxy? Sometimes cloudflare blocks proxies and vpn’s . Your IP may be blacklisted. Please give me as much info as you can screenshot etc.

I don’t use any proxy. and get the right IP
hope it helps :slight_smile:


@notsgnik No it does not mean your ip is hidden.

@MoNsTeR ok, so the web site is displaying the wrong variable?

@notsgnik What site? It might be the way they have it configured . It might be an issue with cloudflare.

@MoNsTeR I guess the html came from

@notsgnik To blacklist your IP address from while using a vpn or tor browser use this method:
Step1: Open your web broswer and type
Step2: When opens you can see a page that says your ip has been banned by cleantalk due to bruteforce attempts etc etc. Just click on you ip on clean talk message and it will open the website.
Step3: Go at the bottom of cleantalk website and you will see a red color spam bar click on it and then your ip will be whitelisted. As it shows to its users. Then you can easily browse

@D4rkhunt3r what ?
I just reported that the ip shown on the “recent activity” section wasn’t mine and rather a cloudfare ip. while i’m not using any vpn and other websites have no trouble.