Compiling/Modifying kernel for HID support #KALI NETHUNTER

Hi. I recently installed kali nethunter on my samsung phone through twrp. Unfortunately my device kernel is not supported for HID attacks. I googled if there was a way to modify our stock kernel and make it compatible for HID attacks. And on github it was written that we could compile our own kernel. I am not sure if it works.The process was a bit complicated so i couldnot do it. Does modifying/compiling our kernel makes our device compitable for HID attacks?*

The answer is yes and no. You can theoretically - by yourself (which if you do not have a very good idea of what you are doing, DO NOT DO) can be done - This though is also not a guarentee. Some kernels have not been successfully modded before which can lead to you bricking your phone and entirely breaking your kernel. (Not to mention that by doing so, you will void any such warrenty of the device - Though this already would have occured so im sure it doesnt much matter)
If you can already admit that you cannot do this then please do not.
Find someone who is already very skilled in such a process to try and modify a kernel for you or find an already modified kernel (which should also be taken with a grain of salt as this may come preinstalled with some nasty things unless you trust the source)
If there are not at least semi-saturated demand for your specific devices modded kernel, in other words if you are struggling to find an already modded kernel, you may be grasping at air.
I unfortuntely struggling with this exact issue for a very, very, very, VERY long time.
I eventually managed to resolve my issue by… Just throwing this entire idea away, and got myself a USBNinja =)
If you have no heard of it, check it out here.
Alternatively use a rubberduck or bashbunny.