Cool CTF platforms to enhance your skills

Hello! Today I will explore some CTF sites for fun and competition. These sites can help you make friends, Improve your skills, and let you have some fun!

The first one that we will explore today is the Evilzone Hacking and Security community. This is a great puzzle site with over 7,000 members. It has Cryptography, Web application security, programming, forensics, and more! It used to have a forum, but it was discontinued because of a lack of use. It is still a great platform and is worth checking out.

Another great site is Wechall It is a great forum/CTF site that has hacking and fun software to download, Cool and helpful links to tools, and a great feeling of fun and competitiveness. It also has partnered with other CTF sites to link accounts and content. It has 163 puzzles in Coding challenges, Encryption breaking, Training, Exploit practices, and a ton more! It is a great site and worth registering for.

A fun and modern site is CryptoHack It has friendly and addictive challenges, motivated by leveling up and getting up on the leaderboard. Its puzzles are pretty easy, but you learn a lot. I think that this is a great place for beginners to CTF challenges.

A Great cryptography and encryption-focused site are Try To Decrypt, which is a great place to hone your skills in code-breaking and different ciphers. I love this site because of how the difficulty varies, so you can start where your skill is and work your way up.

A fun internet challenge site is is a great site for fun wargaming competitions with a bunch of IT challenges that can help you with security pen testing. It has a community geared toward IT security challenges that can defiantly help expand your knowledge.

That concludes my list of CTF and wargaming sites. I hope that you use them and learn something from them. I can see you on and as C_J. See you soon!


Nice! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Awesome post. This will actually help my learning :100: