Crack social media password

Hey guys , did someone gives us a way to crack a facebook or gmail password , in my case i know the victim and i have a good wordlist for him

Hi Xxailer
Just try to be a white hat because this is not a black hat foroum.
Simple moto of this foroum is to communicate with other hackers and spread your knowledge and thoughts with each other.
Never hack for personal reason


Great call @Darknimbus1

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I am seriously fed up of listening and answering these questions again and again to different people. One way or the other many questions here are related to one another.

And it’s not worth the trouble or the time or the chance to get caught.
Do you really think google isn’t going to notice you trying to brute force one of their services and ban your ip or send the person a security alert?

Ever notice on your android you don’t even need to be logged in to anything to get those alerts the second someone logs into your account with the wrong password?

Don’t bother, stop trying to be a script kiddy and learn something useful.

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