Creating a python script

How can i create a basic python script that retreives me information in a webpage (not databse) using SQLi links?

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More details please?

I am looking to make a script that can retreives me inforamation on a webpage using vulnerable SQLi links. The script should work automatic and should move on to next link by itself. Let us suppose that a link contains php?id=123 and this webpage has contact numbers displayed. Now the script should get me these contact numbers and should also move on to next link that is php?id=124 and repeat those steps again of information retreival. I wish to have those numbers saved in a clear text format.

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Do you mean collecting websites that contains php?id=123

If so i might be able to help you

I meant to collect those contact numbers listed on the webpage of SQLi link php?id=123. Have a look here for example: Now i want to get those numbers in this webpage and move on to next link

Can you help me here @Anonym ?

u mean like for example
python script is searching in this website URL = “
and then you want the python script to save these numbers ?id=525

@valmirm You got me right buddy. Save those contact numbers in a text format if available.

If you’re talking SQL injection, there’s basically one tool that is up there… It’s called SQLmap.
Learn all the nitty gritty of it, it will really help you out further…

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Great advice. I’m working on making a little tut about SqlMap

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I know about sqlmap. But i am not talking about sqlmap here. I want to create a new script that is totally different from sqlmap.

@D4rkhunt3r What language are you coding it in? How far are you into the project?

If I’m scripting and need to automate website interaction, my first Go To is Selenium (or plain requests). Selenium can emulate clicks and user interaction. It’s especially useful when your page is dynamically generated (e.g. when it’s made using something like Angular)

I am trying to code this script in Python. I am a begineer in Python scripting and programming languages . I am reading books and trying to understand how all this works and how i can code my script. It will take a lot of time.

i will try to make a script for you

@valmirm Thanks bro you are helping me a lot. I just came up with a point that such type of scripts can also be made using batch scripting. LOL that’s a basic one but still works. At least i can try too for this😂