CryptoMathesis - In depth Cryptography Tutorials

Hello guys!

Just started a course to help people learn cryptography with very simple words and a really friendly video presentation!

What I will learn in this course?

In this course you will learn how are working many cryptography systems like RSA,AES,Ciphers,etc. and ways you can attack to these systems.

What have I to know before start the course?

Absolutely nothing except the will to learn new things.

What else will I learn in this course?

You will also learn Python3 for crypto, Mathematics and get prepared for crypto CTF challenges!

You can check the first video here:

and if you want to change or add something to future videos,you can comment on youtube or in this topic :wink:

I have to mention that it’s in Greek,but I have added English subtitles :wink:


AES encryption process explaination is out!

Excellent stuff, i will definitely be checking this out. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing. It would be better if it is in English

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Before start the course, I was thinking that if I should speak in Greek or English.
English has many advantages, like more views.
I decided to do it in Greek,because this is the language which I am very comfortable, so if I was talking in english,most likely it would be more tiring for people who watch the video and maybe someone could not understand some things I am describing cause of my bad English.
And what I want to achieve is to make a good quality course which is very clear to watch it and not a semi-quality content with Greeklish :joy:.
So I decided to talk in Greek and add English subs.

When I start getting more people from other countries, then maybe I will reupload an English version of CryptoMathesis :wink:

Thanks for the great stuff. I will keep on learning from your videos.

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Just made an introduction video for those who have no idea what Cryptography is and where is useful, and explain a basic scenario for the reason we use it.
Have added English subtitles as always :wink:

Excellent, thank you very much for your submission.

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