Cyber Crime Books, Movie, TV series Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend me books on “cyber crime investigation” and “cyber forensics”? I Googled up and did got few of the books on each topic but i am looking for more books, movie or TV series recommendations on the above topics.


Could you please be a little more specific about the topics you are interested in.

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May be you are asking for a TV series or entertainment kind of stuff based on Cyber Security, Hacking, Crime, etc

As you mentioned, cyber crime investigation, cyber forensics

I would suggest MR ROBOT web series,
It has both l which you mentioned

And if you like to read any book, based on crime, life of hacker, hacking, etc

Then Ghost in the wire by Kevin mitnick
Would be best according to me!

Also if you like to watch web series then I would also recommend you to watch money heist ,

@HackerSploit I was talking about the what @MrRobot has replied. Yeah i watched Mr. Robot series but i am looking for more alternatives as per web series stuffs are concerned. Thanks for the reply.

Apart from all the good information that Mr. Robot shared i would recommend you this:

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Darknet Diaries is a pretty good podcast about cyber crime.

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