Cybersecurity Certifications General Thread

Which CyberSecurity certifications are good to start for career of Penetration Testing?

I am not a big fun of Certificates,but do not waste your time with CEH.

I think a very good start is security+,pentest+

Can you please describe a reason why CEH is a waste of time?

It is more marketing… It’s like apple phones.They say they have the best phones and this is not the truth.

I know many people in big hacking organisations and they joking each other that they have CEH certificate. I do not know if you get me :sweat_smile:

CEH is a core certificate, It will teach you the ABC of hacking, and will introduce you to different fields of hacking

It is not a Pentesting certificate as mentioned on there website, they make a separate certification and course for that i.e LPT

If you are a absolute beginner and don’t know any thing, then you should go for that, it is just for building foundation.

You have to renew you CEH Certificate for every 3 years which sounds me a way for earning :face_with_monocle: money as they charge 80 dollars to renew the certificate

I would suggest you to learn whole course curriculum of CEH

And then go for OSCP which is a Pentesting course, and is best course for beginners, according to me,

Building a strong foundation is important that is why, i would also suggest you to go for Linux+, Security+, pentest+ as mentioned by the @R4gn4r

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